Do we want to be healthy?

Of all the risks to human health from the environment, air pollution has the greatest negative impact. Among other things, air pollution leads to heart disease, stroke, lung disease and lung cancer.

The Republic of Serbia has not yet adopted the Air Protection Strategy. The National Council for Public Health was formed in 2019, but data on its work and activities do not exist.

Let’s breathe health into public policies!

Suspended (or PM) particles are air pollutants that are very harmful to human health, because of their ability to pass through the nose and throat and penetrate deep into the lungs and even into the bloodstream, due to their small size. PM particles are, among other things, produced in the energy sector, agriculture, transportation, as well as by burning solid fuels in households and small heating plants. Exposure to PM particles in Serbia causes 11,400 premature deaths annually. This is the assessment of the European Environment Agency, while in the competent institutions of our country, although they have a legal obligation, such assessments are not conducted or are conducted rarely and with limited coverage.

Let’s breathe accurate and timely data into the work of public health institutions!

Vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases, can develop more serious health consequences when exposed to air pollution. Clinicians should take an active role in raising public awareness of the health risks of polluted air, primarily in direct contact with patients.

Let’s breathe health through talking to doctors!

Do we want to be healthy?